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Just by watching the trailer above…you can pretty much see what goes down. I don’t wanna go in too much detail…this one’s a MUST see! Perfect for everyone…young and old. All the old toys rock…and…even the new ones.

My fav…

Big Baby

I finally watched some of my NetFlix movies over the weekend. I started with The Girlfriend Experience, starring porn star Sasha Gray. I had seen the previews on G4’s Attack of the Show and immediately placed it on my QUE.

How was it you ask?

The movie was cool, but Sasha Gray rocked. When I first saw the trailer – I was wondering how she was going to do and…she rocked. Plus, it doesn’t help that she’s smoking in a China doll kind of way.

The movie’s about the life of a high priced New York City call girl…her work and her personal life. Check out the trailer…the movie’s worth checking out.

A MUST see. Kids will love it. You will love it. I’ve seen this movie twice already. Make sure you stay for the entire movie…wait for the end, end credits…and, make sure you use the Best Buy movie mode app for your iPhone - this application translates the Minions. Yep.

Thanks to Dj’s Playboy and Mpulse…After finding out that I was a huge Jessica Biel fan…they said I HAD to watch this one…and…they were right…just 2 minutes into the movie and I was saying to myself…YESSS!! (LOL)
The movie’s about this guy (Chris Evans)…who’s pretty much down in the dumps. After finding out his ex-girlfriend (Jessica Biel) is moving away for her NEW boyfriend…he decides to go to her going away party…and speak to her one last time. BUT…once he gets there…and upstairs to the bathroom…he ends up doing some huge amounts of cocaine with a Britain dude (Jason Statham) and they talk about all their shitty things in life.

The movie’s nuts, crazy!
A very interesting cast. Chris Evans, (Captain America) does a great job as a fuked up ex-boyfriend…Jason Statham…not going to lie…it was hard for me to picture him with hair…but he does an insane job in the bathroom.

JESSICA BIEL…well, she does nooooo wrong. TOTAL HOTNESS!
Don’t worry ladies…it’s a movie that works for you also.

If you’re looking for a really coooooooool, crazy ride of a movie…check out London.

I had the chance to see DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS earlier tonight. Not going to lie…but…I was waiting for this one! I mean…come on…with a cast like Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and from the HANGOVER, Zach Galifianakis – you can’t go wrong.

The movie’s about a dude who gets the chance of the lifetime…a promotion! Yep…Tim (Paul Rudd) has the chance to move to the 7th floor. The catch is…he has to attend this dinner with his boss and co-workers. I know, sounds easy…but it’s not. Everyone who comes to the dinner…has to bring a guest…a schmuck. If Tim can last through dinner…he’s in with the big dogs!!

Steve Carell who plays Barry (Tim’s Schmuck)…is crazy annoying…but you can’t help to like him. If your looking to laugh hard this weekend…go check out DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS.

…and…watch out for Darla!!

Angelina Jolie is back!! Hot as ever! I checked out SALT…people…it’s an hour and 39 minutes on non-stop action. Seriously. It starts right in a tense situation…calms down for like 2 minutes…and then…BAM! BOOM! BAM!! Salt is jumping off bridges, jumping on moving cars, blasting Russian spies, jumping off trains, playing with spiders, and more! Salt is perfect for all action fans! Go see it when you get the chance.
Oh, did I mention…Angelina Jolie is a bad biatchhhh!!

I love Netflix!

I love Netflix!

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